tehom or tehom

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8415. tehom or tehom

deep, sea, abyss
Original Word: תְּהוֹם
Transliteration: tehom or tehom
Phonetic Spelling: (teh-home')
Short Definition: confusion
Word Origin
from an unused word
deep, sea, abyss
NASB Word Usage
deep (22), deeps (8), depths (4), ocean depths (1), springs (1).

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confusion, empty place, without form, nothing, vain, vanity, waste,

Or thom {teh-home'}; (usually feminine) from huwm; an abyss (as a surging mass of water), especially the deep (the main sea or the subterranean water-supply) -- deep (place), depth.

see HEBREW huwm

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8415. tehom or tehom

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