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Timeline of the Messiah

Due to the numerous requests, we have decided to put the “Timeline of the Messiah” on our website for everyone to download for their personal use.  The timeline is a Microsoft Excel document that depicts Biblical dating from the creation of Adam to the year 2040 AD.   It was created by Jim Barfield as a personal reference guide really not intended for public use, but he has had so many requests for the document that he decided to make it available. 

Download the Timeline of The Messiah Excel File here Download Timeline here

The most amazing thing about the timeline is the accuracy of the Biblical Prophecies!  Since every year of time from Adam to the destruction of Herod’s Temple are recorded with Bible references, accuracy is astonishing; dating after the birth of Yeshua/Jesus uses Gregorian dating with Biblical/Jewish dating for additional reference material. 

The timeline can be used to see a graphic depiction of many Biblical Prophecies that are dated, such as Jeremiah’s seventy year exile prophecy and Daniel’s prophecies for the coming of the Messiah and many others.  A point of interest is the three dates given in the Dead Sea Scrolls that prophesy the year of the birth of Yeshua and John the Baptist, the year of the crucifixion, and the year of the destruction of the Temple based on the crucifixion.  One of the best ways to use the timeline is to start at the time of Adam and work down.  By doing so, a strong understanding of the structure can be seen and multiple points of interest can be seen as Biblical time unfolds. 

In order to view the timeline Microsoft Excel or Excel Viewer must be used.  Excel Viewer is a free program that we have made available on this page for you to download.  Viewer only allows you to do just that, “view” the document.  Excel makes it possible to change it and add to it but…be careful!  If you make changes you may not be able to put it back.  Simply close the document and when it asks, “Save Changes?” click “no” and it will be saved as it came to you. 

Download Microsoft Excel Viewer here Download Excel Viwer Here

Every year from the creation of Adam is noted on the far left hand column of the spreadsheet with the columns below depicting time measurement for each system of measurement;
column A is the Jewish date
column B is the BC/AD date
column C lists the Sabbatical/Jubilee Years
column D is the years for the particular Jubilee Cycle
column E is the Olympiad Dating
column F is the Roman Years
column G is the years between the Biblical benchmarks used to establish the timeline.   

Dating for the timeline uses only Biblical quotes that give the dates which can be seen when the cursor is placed over the box that says “Bible verse” attached to the benchmark.  All benchmarks are labeled with a larger white number in a black box at the far side of each benchmark.  Secular dating, such as the Olympiads, Roman dating and others were only used to show how accurate the timeline is when they are compared with historic dates for each respective secular event. 

Feel free to use the timeline for your private studies or to help with Bible study groups but please understand, the timeline is a copyrighted document so we ask that you not reproduce it in any fashion without Jim’s expressed written permission.  It is not to be sold or given away unless they come to this website to download it.  We want people to know what is going on with the Copper Scroll Project so that will cause them to come by and check us out. 

If you can afford to, (and only if you can afford to) we ask that a donation be sent to “The Copper Scroll Project Fund.”   The donation will be used to help us in April when we go back to Israel to do the excavation for the Copper Scroll Project.  If money is tight for you as it is for most of us, get the timeline anyway and make the most of it.  It is more important that you see how accurate God’s timing is than for you to worry about money. 

We hope that the timeline is useful and you get a lot of information from it. 

Thank you very much for your prayer support and financial assistance.

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