John Tng (6 May 2005)
"The King of the Jews!"

Dear Doves,

The phrase 'The King of the Jews' (John 19:19) -- meant as an insult to the King of kings, ironically authenticates the true Messiah, King Jesus!

Eric Casagrande brought to my attention the Greek gematria of 'The King of the Jews' in Part 8 of his series on EL Shaddai. The value is 3413. This number holds a special place in my collection of favourite numbers since it was my car licence plate. :) For more than four years I had been making a statement on the road unknowingly that Jesus is the King of the Jews!

I was totally blown away when the Lord showed me the following a few years ago:

3413 = 888 + 738 + 688 + 386 + 397 + 316

888 = JESUS (Greek)
              Iota(10) Eta(8) Sigma(200) Omicron(70) Upsilon(400) Sigma(200)
738 = JESUS (Greek)
              Iota(10) Eta(8) Sigma(200) Omicron(70) Upsilon(400) Nu(50)
688 = JESUS(Greek)
               Iota(10) Eta(8) Sigma(200) Omicron(70) Upsilon(400)
386 = YESHUA (Hebrew)
               Yod(10) Shin(300) Vaw(6) Ayin(70)
397 = JESUS (Hebrew)
               Yod(10) He(5) Vaw(6) Shin(300) Vaw(6) Ayin(70)
316 = YESHU (Hebrew)
                Yod(1) Shin(300) Vav(6)

The number 3413 is the sum of six gematrias of JESUS (three in Greek and three in Hebrew)! In other words, THE KING OF THE JEWS is JESUS, YESHUA, YESHU -- the One who was bruised for our iniquities (Isa 53:5)!

The insult thrown at the One whom they have pierced (Zec 12:10) turns out to be a glorious truth! How typical of God, who loves to turn defeat into victory, for so it seemed good in His sight (Luke 10:21).