Material Safety Data Sheet

Section 1

Trade Name                      ISO                              ISO

EPA Registration            None Required                La Compania de YosoY, 1684.Rocky River, Canyon Lake, Texas, USA 78133

Chemical Name               Mineral Seal Oil                Emergency Contact: 830-964-2252, 830-964-2262 fax, Email:


Section 2      Ingredient                      Mineral Seal Oil

                                                CAS #                                    8052-41-3

Hazardous Ingredients       OSHA PEL                            500 ppm

                                                ACGIHTLV                           100 ppm


Section 3      Flash Point Method             195o F PMCC

                                                Specific Gravity                    0.84

                                                Vapor Density                      Not Established

                                                % Volatiles by Volume        95.06

Physical Data                       Melting Point                        Not Applicable

                                                Vapor Pressure (mm Hg)     < 10 @ 25 o C

                                                Solubility in H2O                  Insoluble

                                                Odor/Appearance                Mineral/White Liquid


Section 4           Extinguishing Media           Foam, CO2, or Dry Chemical

                                                Breathing Apparatus           Self Contained Positive Pressure

Hazard Data                          Other Equipment                  Full Body Protective Equipment

Fire,                                        Runoff                                    Dike to prevent H2O and sewer contamination

Explosion,                              Cleanup                                 Use detergents, absorb with inert materials

Environmental                      Disposal                                Approved disposal containers by Federal, State, and Local Regulation


Section 5      Substance                             None


Carcinogen                           Avoid                                     Oxidizers

&                                            Decomposition                     CO, CO2, S0x

Reactivity                              Stability                                 Stable


Section 6           Ingestion                       Do not ingest.  Wash thoroughly with soap and water prior to eating or drinking

                                    Inhalation                              Wear appropriate respiratory protection.  Vapors may cause narcotic reaction in high concentrations

Precaution                            Skin absorption                    Wear personal protection equipment.  Mild skin irritation with excessive exposure

Health                                    Eye exposure                        Wear eye protection goggles.  If exposed, flush eyes for 15 minutes, minimum.

Data                                        First Aid                                Get prompt medical attention.  If ingested, do not induce vomiting.  Give several glasses of water.  Physician may give magnesia,                                                                                                 chalk, or whiting in water.   Remove contaminated clothing and wash with soap and water.  If eye exposure, irrigate eyes for 15                                                                                                 minutes, minimum, with water.  If inhaled, remove to fresh air.


Section 7                                                     


Special                                   Respiratory Protection        Self contained breathing apparatus should be used in confined areas.  None require for normal usage.  Use approved respirator for                                                                                                 organic vapors and exposures of up to 10 times the PEL/TLV. 


Protection                             Protective Equipment          Rubber or neoprene gloves, chemical goggles, protective clothing with long sleeves.


&                                            Ventilation                             Normal use, none required.  Local ventilation is recommended for formulation operations.


Precautions                          Storage                                  Keep out of reach of children.  Read and follow all label instructions.  Do not store near flame, sparks, or other ignition sources.                                                                                                  Do not cut or use containers as water storage units.       



Section 8      DOT Shipping name:           Adjuvant spreader, sticker


                                                DOT Hazard Class:              Slightly flammable


Transportation                                     SARA Hazard Class:              [  ] Acute [  ] Chronic [x] Flammable [  ] Pressure [  ] Reactive [  ] None

                                                                SARA 313:                            [  ] Yes    [x] No;     Chemical:

                                                                SARA 302:                            [  ] Yes    [x] No;     Chemical:

                                                                CERCLA:                               [  ] Yes    [x] No;     Chemical:

                                                                RCRA:                                    [x] Yes     [  ] No;    Chemical:


&                                            NFPA Hazard Rating:                                          NFPA HAZARD RATING SCALE:

                                                                Health:                   [0]                           0 = Minimal           1 = Slight               2 = Moderate

                                                                Fire:                        [0]                           3 = Serious            4 = Severe

                                                                Reactivity:             [0]

                                                                Special:                  [  ]


Labeling                                HMIS Codes:                                                        HMIS HAZARD RATING SCALE:

                                                                Health:                   [0]                           0 = Minimal           1 = Slight               2 = Moderate

                                                                Fire:                        [0]                           3 = Serious            4 = Severe

                                                                Reactivity:             [0]

                                                                Special:                  [  ]



Revised:                                 17 January February 2010



Notice:   This information was developed from data regarding the constituent materials.  No warranty is expressed or implied regarding the completeness or accuracy of this information.  La Compania de YosoY disclaims all liability for reliance thereon.