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17 January 2010 Anno Domini





Kinyara Sugar Works 

P.O. Box 179                Tel:     256-036-600200         

Masindi, Uganda           Fas:     256-036-600211

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RE: Verification Request, Ripener Report 2006 Kinyara Sugar Works


Dear Ladies & Gentlemen;


The attached report is available for review on the website  The specific link is as follows; 


We have made several requests of Dr. Mugalula and Mr. Paul Lloyd for report amendments and have been unsuccessful.  Please request the following employees of Kinyara, if they remain under the new management, to contact our office via email.  Our email address is


Dr. Andrew Mugalula                         Mr. Tom Ejoku                                                      Mr. John Uyer

Estate Agronomist,                              Agronomy Monitoring Superintendent           Agronomy Research  Superintendent

Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd                   Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd                                   Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd  

Tel: 077 699462                                     Tel: 078 668438                                                     Tel: 078 457783               


Ms. Elizabeth Nazziwa                         Mr. Alex Otut                                                        Ms. Solome Namutebi

Agronomy Research Supervisor       Agronomy Monitoring Supervisor                   Outgrower Agronomy Supervisor

Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd                  Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd                                   Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd

Tel: 078 398681                                     Tel: 078 022597                                                     Tel: 078 702071           


The last attempt for email contact came returned undeliverable because of the mail server.  We will have the report on the internet in the Original and DISPUTED Versions until personnel contact our office with the requested data. 


Please assist in this matter as we know you do not want unreliable data to reflect upon your company and management.


Kindly and humbly requested,



Non nobis Domine non nobis, Sed Nomini tuo da gloriam


La Compania de YosoY

Robert A. Boehm